Sakura (2024)

Piano for 4 hands | 8'

Having published Bim Bom, the collection of traditional Catalan songs for piano four hands intended for beginning piano students, I am now preparing a new collection of Japanese Folk Songs which will include the beautiful lullaby Edo no Komoriuta, funny songs like Konpira Fune Fune, and the world famous song Sakura, Sakura. A collection of pieces to learn piano while having fun!

Publisher: Universal Edition (forthcoming)


Percussion and electronics​ | 58'

Alabastre (Alabaster) is a 58-minute-long work for one percussionist and electronics. This project was born out of the enthusiasm of the percussionist Noè Rodrigo Gisbert. The ductility of this material allows to achieve high precision microtonal tuning. The crystal clear timbre is enhanced by the impressive resonance, rare in a lithophone instrument.

At this time, you can watch a documentary about the process of designing and building the instrument on YouTube. You can also listen to the first movement of the cycle in a video performed by percussionist Noè Rodrigo Gisbert: Alabastre. This work is structured in 7 movements for percussion and electronics, and 8 electronic interludes that make up a 58 minutes long work.

Publisher: Universal Edition

Video (Alabastre I) | Video (Documentary)

Vers l'infinit (3rd string quartet) (2022-2023)

Amplified string quartet and crystal singing bowls | 55'

In August 2022, I took a ten-day hermit retreat in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, where large birds of prey abound. One day, while I was sitting in the hermitage, on a cliff, surrounded by silence, and with the only company of the cicadas and some insects, a Golden Eagle appeared and, imposingly, “Floash!”, pierced the air bursting the present moment.

Gliding, it headed for the horizon, on a journey of several minutes, getting smaller and smaller until I lost sight of the tiny dot it had become. The silence, the cicadas and insects returned on the cliff. The title of the work refers to the Golden Eagle as a phenomenon, flying towards infinity, immersed in the emptiness of the high mountains.

Vers l’infinit is a work commissioned by L’Auditori de Barcelona to be premiered in November 2024 at the Biennal de Quartets by the Quartet Gerhard and Sílvia Vidal. I feel specially thankful to Jesús Miralles for the brilliant idea of doing scordatura on all the strings. This work is dedicated to my wife Sílvia, with infinite love.

In the meanwhile, you can watch and listen my first string quartet “Fràgil” by the incredible Armida Quartett on YouTube. My second string quartet will be recorded soon by the amazing Quartet Gerhard. Check out this stunning trailer. The score of the string quartets are available at Universal Edition.

CD 2nd String Quartet “I fa l’aire visible” | Video 1st String Quartet “Fràgil”

Cel nu (2023)

Violin and piano | 14'

During the month of August 2023, I took a hermit retreat of fifteen days in the Sant Elies cave, in the Monegros desert. I devoted myself to silent meditation and the study of one of the oldest pieces in the Koten Honkyoku repertoire for shakuhachi, Koku (Empty Sky). As the days went by, the blue sky, serene, bright at noon and starry at midnight, permeated my existence as I delved into the study of Koku, with its long notes that evoke an infinite and unreachable sky.

The two opening notes of Koku (Tsu-Re) became the generative seed of a new composition for violin and piano, inspired by the omnipresence and impossibility of a blue sky that is always present, like a barrier without a door that must be crossed, like an intangible ideal that transcends human limits, but that welcomes us at all times and everywhere.

Cel nu (Naked Sky) has received the financial support of the Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural del Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, and it is dedicated to Joel Bardolet and Marc Herèdia.

Publisher: Universal Edition (forthcoming)

On hi ha Silenci

Overtone singing choir

Inspired by the ancient Zen sutra “Shodoka” (8th century), I explore natural overtones in conjunction with diphonic singing, khoomei singing and other vocal techniques, to achieve an inner landscape close to silence, full of deep peace. I am writing this work in colaboration with the enthusiastic MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir.