During 2022, I have experimented with the resonances, harmonics, and tuning systems that can be achieved with a simple lyre. I’ve enjoyed long improvisation sessions in the woods trying out extremely slow tempi and long fermatas, in search of an intriguing sense of timelessness and the resurgence of sound with all its ontological value. Currently, I am working in the work Pur (Pure), which can be performed with harp, lyre, or any other resonant stringed instrument using a 5-limit just intonation scale.


Percussion and electronics​

This project was born out of the enthusiasm that percussionist Noè Rodrigo Gisbert gave me for alabaster. The ductility of this material allows to achieve high precision microtonal tuning. The crystal clear timbre is enhanced by the impressive resonance, rare in a lithophone instrument.

We are currently researching different alabaster cutting morphologies, with just intonation. Take a look to the video of the first part of the project!

Video of Alabastre I (World premiere recording) | Documentary (Alabaster, a new musical instrument)

String quartet n.3

String quartet

I am really excited about some features of this new work, where I investigate on just intonation in a very new and radical approach. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, you can watch and listen my first string quartet “Fràgil” by the amazing Armida Quartett on Vimeo. You can also check out the score at Universal Edition.

On hi ha Silenci

Overtone singing choir

Inspired by the ancient Zen sutra “Shodoka” (8th century), I explore natural overtones in conjunction with diphonic singing, khoomei singing and other vocal techniques, to achieve an inner landscape close to silence, full of deep peace. I am writing this work in colaboration with the enthusiastic MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir.  

New opera

Chamber opera for 2 voices, shakuhachi, percussion and electronics

Since the world premiere of my first opera Sky Disc, I’ve been working with Rebecca Simpson (libretto) on a project we especially love for its subtlety, intimacy, and stage and instrumental innovation. At the moment we have outlined the general design of the booklet and the characteristics of the project. If you are interested in producing or commissioning this project, please contact us!